Xbox One Not Reading Disc – After Update? [Fix it Now]

Xbox One Not Reading Disc: Microsoft’s Xbox one gives you fascinating gaming experience right?. But at times you might be facing problems with the gaming disc running and blue ray-movies, even after repeated effort but the result remains irritating. You may require to make call to Microsoft. On the other hand you just have to go step by step and you will overcome it.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc

Xbox One Not Reading Disc
Xbox One Not Reading Disc

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Non Noticeable Reason Xbox One Fails Reading Disk:

  • It might be your Dust on disk, your pet hair on it or any to stop you disc.
  • Check out the disk reading laser whether properly working or not.
  • Disk drive on the disk run by an assembly of object like screw, gear, rollers etc. damage of these parts may cause you Xbox not reading disc making noise.
  • You may have another foreign cause to stop you disc as sticky notes, matchstick, coin etc.

First Attempt to Solution

Check out your disc properly before your attempt to run it on disk drive. Make sure you have gone through the steps mentioned above and avoid doing it.

Try Playing Disc:

When you see pop up on xbox home screen not recognising the disc even though it is been inserted; There might be following two reasons.

  1. Instant-on power mode has been set which causes console to read disk.
  2. Console’s disc drive need servicing  

By using Instant-On power mode, change power modes and power cycle the console:

For easy access follow the step by step guide:

  • First press Xbox button to open the user guide
  • Click on System from the listed option in front of you it will redirect you to Setting section.
  • Now choose ‘Power & startup’ > Power mode and startup
  • Select Power mode and hit ‘Energy saving’ button.
  • Here perform a “hard power cycle” by holding down the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds (Once the console has completely shut down, press the Xbox button on the console again to restart it).
  • Now Try your disc again and wait for a second to see whether the console recognizes it. If it reads the disc you can revert to Instant-On power mode.
  • Follow the above mention steps again if you again face the problem.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc – Request a Repair:

If the same problem repeats to happen then you need your console to be repaired. For this you have to either call service centre go for online service provider.

Make sure the Blu-ray player app has been installed successfully: xbox not reading disc to install

  • If you are able to play game discs but not CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs, then check out whether Blu-ray player app has been properly or not. If not then-
  • Press the Xbox button to open the Guide. Select Home option, scroll right and you will find Store option, from this select Store.
  • Now select search option and type Blue-ray in the search bar and Press the menu button on your controller.
  • When Blue-ray app is seen, click on it.
  • Finally you click on Free or Install option to download and install the Blu-ray Player app.

Last Remaining Solution

In spite of all your effort if you are unable to fix the issue then you need to replace the disc. If you have the game of Microsoft then it provides you 90 days of exchange facility and you can replaced it. In case you have the game of another gaming company. Then you have to read their term and policy regarding exchange of the disc. So before making and attempt make sure game of which gaming company is in your hand and act accordingly.


Xbox One Not Reading Disc: We hope we served your purpose to opt for this article to this site and we have given you detailed step to step guide for your help. If you find this information helpful, drop a comment below to serve you better.

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