Wacom Tablet Driver – Error Solution [Step By Step]

If you are looking for Wacom Tablet Driver and looking for the information to resolve the issue and problems related to Wacom Tablet Driver then you are at the right place. We have given you the details related to Wacom Tablet driver and the step wise guide to resolve it. Read the complete article till the end and you will be satisfied and can fix it by your self-step by step.

Wacom Tablet Driver

Wacom Tablet Driver
Wacom Tablet Driver

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As you already know that Wacom is one of the most popular devices use for drawing and it is loved due to its features and clear interface for user to go. It so happens that you notice Wacom Tablet Driver or Wacom Driver is not working notification at the time of your working with it. And the problem have been mostly reported by the users who have installed new Windows 10 in their device, and it is because of the Driver issue most of the time.

Wacom Tablet Driver Not Responding

Better to know that most of the affordable tables of users uses the external screen while the costlier have in-built drive. A particular chip is used which communicates with the scalar and which demands a driver. And in most of the cases the problem is because of not proper installation of driver.

Wacom Tablet Driver Not Responding Windows 7

From the procedure below we have guide you to overcome the problem step by step. The procedure may vary for one case to another but it is applicable for most of them. Make sure you follow the proper installation process.

Fix the Issue Here-Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found in Windows

Wacom Tablet Driver
Wacom Tablet Driver

First if you have Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet which has window 10 installed then

Check out whether or not you are connecting Wireless mode even though you have connect it to the cable, it will show you the error of Wacom Tablet Driver, it is obviously irritating, so follow the steps to fix it.

  1. Remove And Reinstall Driver
  • First, go to the control panel of the Wacom and select Add or Remove Programs
  • Next, Find Wacom Driver, once you find it go for Uninstall option and uninstall it immediately.
  • Now after uninstallation, restart the windows.
  • Next, go to the official site of Wacom here https://www.wacom.com/en-us and go for Wacom Tablet Driver download or Wacom Software Download for WINDOWS 10.

Automatic Driver Update:

If you don’t want to go for above mention steps and looking for bonus easy solution then you can go for some Automatic driver tolls for wacom software. DRIVE EASY is one of the best tools for you if you have windows 10. You can use it for downloading and installation of Updated drives.

  1. Restart Wacom Tablet Service

Another option to resolve the issue is as follows. Go step by step for it.

  • First, open Run of your drive and type msc and click on OK.
  • Once it is located, right-click on Wacom Tablet Driver and you will find the options like:
  • Wacom Profession Service
  • Wacom Consumer Service
  • TabletServiceWacom
  • Now, right click on that and you will get and option of Restart
  • Click on it and restart it.
  1. Try Out Plugging in Different Portal/Slot
  • Quick solution you can try once is to plug the Wacom Tablet Cable in another slot or Port.
  • If all the solution mentioned above doesn’t work you can give a try by changing the Cable, Go for another Cable.

Note: Keep in mind the process may vary for some devices, for mostly it is same. You will find it quite easier with window 10 software and wacom intuos pen and touch driver

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Final Words

From the above article we have tried to give you quick and easy solution for your Wacom Tablet Driver. This is the solution which you can do by yourself on your desk. If now also not fixed, then contact the service provider.

Hope this piece of information given to you is quite useful and informative, if you find so, drop your views and feedback in the comment section below. If any query please contact us through our official mail. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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