Opencl.dll – How to Fix the opencl.dll Error in Windows 10

Are you searching for steps that resolve the window error of Opencl.dll and this might be the case that you might have faced it recently? This is what the reason which brings you to this article so that you can get help to get your problem resolved.



Opencl.dll is one of the window error that is common among the problems of the window and even though this is a tiny problem if unknown leads to serious trouble and obstruction for your window operation.

Read the article below till end and by the end of it, you will be able to come to know how to fix it step by step.

Problem that Raises

You will face the problem with the quotation “Opencl.dll error” that appears with the blue screen on your monitor and then the computer restarts.

Cause of the Problem

The problem caused by the driver of your computer and has driver related issues.

Solution for the Problem

Where there is the problem, there lies the solution that too in different forms. So, before you give up or take the technical support, try out this working assistance with the instructions you are given below step by step:

Update the Problem causing Software

Do you see this error when trying to run a specific program on Windows? If yes, please try to uninstall and then reinstall that software to fix this problem.

Update your Device Driver

Updating the device driver should specifically fix this problem if your computer has an Nvidia graphics card.

You can do this by going to your computer manufacturer’s website and downloading the drivers from there. Just choose your computer’s model number and the correct version of Windows. If you need help, you can use DriverDoc to help you download and install drivers.

Still Persisting Problem despite Updates

If the problem persists even after updating the drivers, there is a chance that these errors were caused by automatic driver updates in Windows 10. You can see if this is the case by starting Windows 10 in safe mode.

If Windows starts normally, you should uninstall a driver, Audio, Video. Then, restart the computer and see if this problem is fixed. If this happens, please disable that particular update from Windows 10 Update using the software here

Final words

Opencl.dll now might have a small issue for you if you have read the article that is given you above and this is for your help to get the issue resolved.

You are also given the step by step process above with the command and instructions as well as illustration which further helps you fix the problem quickly even in the future if you continue to use windows.

If you have found this information about Opencl.dll correct and useful then share your experience in the remark section below this article.

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