HP vs Lenovo – Comparison of Brands

In all honesty, there is no major agreement between these two brands and they are really similar to each other in terms of specifications. Generally, you should not make a decision about the complete laptop around your brand only anyway – you should consider the specifications of each laptop thoroughly and then decide.

HP vs Lenovo – Comparison of Brands

HP vs Lenovo - Comparison of Brands
HP vs Lenovo – Comparison of Brands

Today we will compare two important brands of laptops available in the market. And at the same time we will also look at their features model.

Why HP is Better?

There are many reasons why usually, you can opt for an HP laptop over a Lenovo.

  • Design – The design of HP laptops is much better than Lenovo laptops, so if you are looking for something that is good to look at then aesthetically they are a much better option. But some of the other important features that make Lenovo laptops very popular, such as the ThinkPad, have become popular not only in the American market, or globally.
  • Monitor Display – HP monitors display and leads the field in terms of resolution. Their screens look amazing and they are crystal clear, which may make them a better choice for those looking for a higher resolution monitor screen.
  • Different types of options – With HP, you will get a wide variety of different options to choose from – most other brands that are out there
  • Graphics – If we look at the graphics of the two major brands available in the market, HP laptops have the best graphics available. Keep in mind that they are often more expensive, as Lenovo is usually designed to meet business needs only and focuses less on graphics.

Why Lenovo is better?

Compared to HP, there are few areas where Lenovo is ahead of HP by leaps and bounds.

  • Customer Service – HP is very well known for today’s poor customer service, so there is a reason you want to avoid their products.Lenovo is one of the very best customer service computers in the market today. If you have any problem related to their products, then you can easily put your problem in front of them.
  • Longevity – If you have ever owned a Lenovo, you will know that their laptops can last a reasonable time. Lenovo laptops are designed physically keeping in mind your technical specifications in such a way that if you are able to take some penalty on leaving them.
  • Strong product lines – In general, Lenovo’s most important thing is that it is the best ThinkPad range popular. This has become a major model among people for the field of education and business. Lenovo has also launched its Lenovo Legion range of one of its gaming Lenovo along with the ThinkPad.

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