Computer Freezes When Playing Games Resolved in Windows 10

Have you recently faced ‘Computer Freezes When Playing Games’ error or ever such issue has come in your way, then this article will help you for sure? This article gives you Step by step process that helps you sort out the issue.

Computer Freezes When Playing Games

Computer Freezes When Playing Games
Computer Freezes When Playing Games

As you will proceed with the article you come to know out of my experience that what caused, what can be the problem and what are the various methods that help you to sort out this issue. You are given different alternative methods so that if one doesn’t work, you can use another that too by DIY approach and get your error sort out.


When this error occurs, you will not be able to play video games on your window because of the computer either freezes or crashes.

Cause of the Problem

Video games can freeze for various reasons. The most common reasons are: not meeting minimum system hardware requirements, device driver problems, CPU and/or GPU overheating, and Windows issues.


While there are various problems causing this error first thing that affects is Computer’s hardware that meets minimum system requirement for the video games.

Sometimes a video game freezes and/or crashes when installed on a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements of the game.

You can confirm whether your computer is equipped to run the game. This is done by checking the specs of your computer and then comparing the system requirements of the game you are trying to play.

Device Driver Issue

There is a chance that the graphics driver installed in Windows on your computer is either buggy or obsolete. This can also cause video game crashes. Please update the driver to the latest version and then try again.

You can do this by visiting the official website of your computer/graphics card manufacturer or by using an easy dandy tool like DriverDoc to download and install the latest driver for you.

Computer Freezes When Playing Games
Computer Freezes When Playing Games

Overheating of CPU and GPU

Overheating is only a problem if you are overclocking your CPU and/or graphics card. If you are not sure what overclocking is, ignore it and continue.

If you have overclocked your CPU or graphics card in the past, monitor the temperature, and investigate the problem.

Window Operating System Issues

There is a chance that these issues are caused by damaged or corrupt Windows system files. You can try using the built-in DISM and SFC tools to scan and correct problems in all Windows system files

Damage of RAM or Hard Drive

A damaged RAM or hard drive often causes inexplicable crashes and freezes. This accident can occur when a video game is launched or it may occur randomly. To ensure this if this is the case, you will need to run a diagnostic test on the RAM and hard drive. They are easy to perform and can be launched from a bootable disk if Windows is no longer working.

Final Words

From the article above you have seen about how you can get you to issue fixed that are related to Computer Freezes When Playing Games and this doesn’t require any extra technical skill but that you can do by yourself also merely by following the instructions.

You are also given different ways above that you can choose from and if not one them any of then the other can be tried out.

Hopefully, the information serves you the best and if yes then drop your experience in the comment section below.

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