0x0000001e – Window 0x0000001e Error Fixed Updated

Using Window and have faced the issue of Window 0x0000001e Error? And might have happened with you recently or a few days ago and reading this article means that you are interested in resolving the issue by yourself and want the proper guidance about it.

So, do not worry; the article you are going to be given here is a step by step compendium of Window 0x0000001e Error fix and hence you are going to get it to resolve by yourself, once you are at the end of this article.



All the instructions you are given here is a DIY process and gets fixed by oneself easily. Addition to that the process further helps you with the illustration to avoid any confusion as well.


This 0x0000001e problem arises to your computer suddenly and your computer stops responding and crashes soon after the blue screen error of 0x0000001E, 0x0000000a, or 0×00000050.

Cause of the Error

There might be many causes behind this error to appear, but there is a common problem also associated with these that stand behind this 0x0000001E, 0x0000000a, or 0×00000050 error appearing on the screen. They are:

  1. Hardware problems.
  2. Corrupt device drivers
  3. Incompatible Anti-virus program

Solution for the Problems

As you have seen the most common caused ahead of the cases the problem to your PC and window; you are also going to see the solution for it that you can resolve by yourself once you follow the instruction given you below step by step and you don’t need to visit the technician in the future.

Disable Anti-Virus Program

There is a possibility that the anti-virus program is causing the error 0x0000001E. To confirm this, you can try disabling the anti-virus program. Anti-virus should not be a problem if it is updated to the latest version. So, if it turns out that disabling the anti-virus program prevents errors. Then update the anti-virus and then try again. If nothing works, uninstall the software and inform the software manufacturer.

Disable your Device Driver Option

Some device drivers may start interfering with the computer’s normal startup process. The computer can be started with a minimum number of drivers to see if one of those drivers was at fault. First, you can try to upgrade all drivers using a driver utility like Driver Doc.

So, in order to report the issue, you simply can follow the step by step instructions below:

First of all Press Window Key + R and then in the space bar of Run command type msconfig and press the Enter button below.


Next Click on Boot then check Safe Boot and then click on OK


Now the computer should restart into the safe mode with the minimum driver.

If the computer boots normally and the blue screen does not appear, one of the device drivers was at fault. It is usually a third-party device such as a USB card reader or any other such device. Disconnect these devices and see what happens. Single-out the device is causing the problem and uninstalls your drivers using Device Manager. See if that helps solve the problem.

Replace your Faulty Hardware

In order to replace the faulty hardware here, first of all, confirm whether the Hardware is really at fault and it is very simple to check by doing the following procedure:

  1. First of all turn the computer off
  2. Next disconnect everything from the computer except the motherboard of it, hard drive, Power supply, Keyboard and also the mouse.
  3. Next, turn the computer on.
  4. Now check out whether the error 0x0000001e still appears.

Now after doing all these processes, if the error doesn’t appear again that means the error was certainly due to the Hardware fault. But if your computer still experiences the blue screen Crashes with stops Error of 0x0000001E then it may be better to take the computer to a shop and also get it examined further. Some hardware will need to be replaced in the future.

Final Words

Once you have read the article above regarding 0x0000001e error you might have come to know about the process and how can you resolve it step by step and to avoid the confusion you are also given the complete illustration to clarify it.

Now hopefully while you have read the article and come to know the steps then you can apply the same for Your step by step and not technician is required in the future.

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